Our services and how we work

How we work

Adrian Kibbler MCIPR, NCTJ and NUJ heads the business working very closely alongside his son operations manager, Andrew Kibbler.


By keeping our overheads down and matching the expertise to the requirement we can give our clients the best possible service at highly competitive prices.

akpr works to the professional and ethical standards as set down by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the National Union of Journalists.

The business has appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Relationships are at the heart of the way that we do business.

We know that people are most likely to work with those they know, like and trust.

akpr provides highly qualified, experienced and competent people to work with our clients but just as important we know that people ‘don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.’ We care passionately about our clients and their business.


Strategic PR and communications

PR and communications are part of the marketing tool kit.

It works most effectively as a medium/long term strategic activity.

To be effective PR requires commitment from the top and should be integrated into the senior management decision making of the company or organisation.

akpr helps businesses and organisations to develop and implement effective communications plans.

Whilst a close on-going relationship is likely to be the most effective way to work, akpr also works on a project basis on specific initiatives.



Crisis/Incident and reputation management

An aircraft has an engine failure on take-off, a commuter train crashes and a woman loses her life, a train carrying nuclear waste catches fire, a town is cut off by flooding, people are left without water after a major pollution incident.
These are all incidents that Adrian Kibbler has handled in his corporate career. But a crisis need not be this – what about the nursery where a child is injured, the café or restaurant where a party complains of food poisoning or the cleaning company that ruins a wedding dress?
All of these are circumstances that could close a business because of bad publicity but where proper handling can save or even enhance- yes enhance – the reputation of the business.
Things can go wrong is the best of businesses and organisations, but the issue is how well it is handled.
At the heart of this is a plan so that in a fast-moving situation when the pressure is on, people know what they are doing. Making it up as you go along is a recipe for failure.
akpr can help with preparing the plan and implementation should it prove necessary.
An incident management plan is like insurance – you hope you will never use it but not to have it is reckless.



Excellent cameras are available to all at reasonable cost, but cameras don’t take spectacular images – it is the man or woman that operates the camera that does that.
akpr has been taking images for the press, brochures, reports and social media for many years. We can do this in house or by selecting from a team of experienced associates – people who have worked for the national press and major companies to do the job and produce photographs that stand out.



Copy Writing

Almost everyone can write but not everyone can write well, with impact and style. Adrian Kibbler and his associates have been doing that for decades.
Whether is a line for social media, a press release, annual report or help with writing a book, we have done it and can help.


Press Releases

Writing and placing an effective press release is a craft.
It is best done by people who know and understand journalism.
A journalist will likely receive many press releases in the in-box every day. The secret of a good one is that it gets read and interests the reader before being dispatched to the trash bin.
Most good press releases will be no more than a single side of A4, will get to the point and provide the key information and contact details to enable the journalist to make a decision.
Most often it will also be sent with a powerful and relevant image.
Because journalists are busy and like most people, like to have the work done for them, a journalistic writing style is hugely beneficial.


Proof Reading

This is a vital service that we outsource to our highly accomplished and skilled proof reader who is both a published author and a man who has earned his living as a freelance journalist for more than half a century.

He is more than thorough with grammar and the choice of words. In fact, he has been described and pedantic, and in this work, we regard that as a compliment.


Media Awareness Training

akpr provides training courses at different levels to help people to present more effectively, understand and work with the media.
Our courses range from half day introductory workshops to more in-depth training in which are clients our put into practical interview situations with expert feedback.


TV and Radio Interview Techniques

Adrian Kibbler is a seasoned TV and radio performer who has appeared many times in national and local television and radio.
An appearance on television or radio or even on your own you-tube channel, needs to be seen as an opportunity even if the circumstances are challenging.
Training can be provided to help to understand television and radio and how to avoid some of the pitfalls and make the best of an interview.




Adrian has been involved in lobbying and influencing with the Westminster Parliament, European Parliament and Commission and at local Government level.

Articulating a position and presenting it effectively and to the right people is very important.

akpr can draw upon its experience and communications skills to help present an effective case.



Website and Social Media

akpr is NOT a website development company but what we can do is help to provide and update the platform with interesting and high-quality content.
The best looking, and designed website or social media site is useless unless it is populated with good content and updated in a timely fashion.
This is work that we have undertaken for clients, including for many years, managing an important website for the Regional Development Agency, Advantage West Midlands.



Planning consultations

akpr has worked with developers to support the public consultation that is in many cases part of the planning process.

Our work has included organising planning consultation events and presenting the findings to planning officers and committees.

The key to an effective consultation is that it is seen as a listening process. Too often consultation looks like a ‘tell and do’ exercise and this is a recipe for failure.




akpr is not an events management business.
However, we work closely with companies that can provide a complete organisation and management service for events covering the spectrum from parish hall briefings to international shows at locations such as the NEC.
Our speciality is providing highly experienced event staff, drawn from sectors including aviation, to provide stand visitors with the best possible experience.



Freelance Journalism

Adrian Kibbler, is an NCTJ qualified journalist and member of the National Union of Journalists, working every day, reporting news editing and content managing for one of the biggest newspaper groups in the country.

He is also a Director of Birmingham Press Club and has been a delegate to the European Federation of Press Clubs.

Our work also includes covering general and local elections for clients such as ITV and the Press Association.

akpr associates include a pool of qualified and experienced journalists skilled in writing for newspapers and magazines, online media and in-house publications.


akpr specialities 

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Crisis Management
Hospitality Services
Media Training
Public Consultations

akpr holds Professional Indemnity Insurance